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People will need to be recruited by your group to bowl in this event. Each bowler would solicit pledges based on the total number of pins the bowler knocked down during the event, or by a flat rate per game. Example: If the average score bowled is 135 and the average pledge is $.20 per pin, each bowler with 10 pledges would earn $81.00 (135 pins x 3 games x $.02 x 10 pledges = $81.00). If 30 bowlers participated in the fund raiser, the group would earn $2430.00. We charge $7.00 per person, your take would then be $2220.00 ($7.00 x 30 people = $210.00)

Organize A Sunday League

Your group could form a short season fun league. In addition to the weekly bowling fees, the members would pay an additional $2.00 per week plus any prize monies or end of league party. The additional $2.00 would go toward your group. Example: 10 teams of 4 bowlers for 18 weeks. 40 bowlers x $2.00 x 18 weeks = $1,440.00 for the fund raising effort.

Corporate Lane Sales

Your group would sell a "bowling lane" to businesses in the area for a tax-deductible contribution of $100.00, $200.00 or $500.00 per lane. Each lane purchased will accommodate 6 people for a special bowling party to include 3 games of bowling, and possibly beverages. Example: 16 lanes at $200.00 each equals $3,200.00 for your group. We charge $30.00 per lane so your final take would be $2,720.00.Been BOWLING Lately? It’s A whole New Game.


The 10 game punch card is a new outlet used recently used by the Little Chute Mustangs to raise money for sports programs. It’s a 10 game punch card that works best for individual sales and personal goals. We provide you with as many cards as you believe you can sell, and we can continue to provide them when you run out. We sell you the cards for an extremely discounted bowling rate and you in turn sell the cards to others with a mark-up. For example, if we sell you a card for $3 and you in turn sell it for $10, that’s a $7 immediate profit for you on each card. You have to pay upfront for the cards. As soon as you sell the cards the money is yours to keep, direct from hand to pocket.

The above are a snapshot of the kinds of ideas that are available for you through our center. Certainly some are going to be easier to do than others and it’s no coincidence that the bigger dollar ideas are the ones that require the most work. The best way to determine which way to go is to do a needs analysis and ask yourself the following questions. Please contact Village Lanes Bowling Center with any questions on any of the items below.

  • What are my financial goals when conducting this event?
  • What have we done in the past with success?
  • What is our timing situation for the money?
  • Will the event include children, adults, or both?


500 Moasis Dr
Little Chute, WI 54140
(920) 788-2242